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About Us

My name is Suresh Gurung – The blogger behind this blog.

Do you want to build a better blog?
I’m a student , blogger, wordpress lover and facebook tricks, self taught web designer.

I dabbled in online field during high school, playing with codes gave me a taste for the immediacy of making websites on the internet. I took computer science at college. My web skills helped me developed this interest and help me do all sorts of cool this with html, css and wordpress.

As for personal interests, I’m a huge cricket fan, I love watching cricket and playing with my friends. If I’m not blogging.

Indreni Saajh , this site is about having full of Funny videos, News, Celebrities, News, Sports and more on Indreni Saajh, that celebrates the best in movies and entertainment at home, in theatres, and across all Places. We keep our subscribers in the know with movie reviews and features, television highlights, Current News, Sport News, Blogs, celebrity interviews, movie- and entertainment-inspired lifestyle and fashion content, complete listings for The Movie Network, TMN Encore, and HBO Canada, and much more, News, Celebrities News, Videos, Hot Videos, Music and all.Indreni Saajh, is an form of activity that holds the attention and interest of an audience, or gives pleasure and delight. It can be an idea or a task, but is more likely to be one of the activities or events that have developed over thousands of years specifically for the purpose of keeping an audience's attention. Although people's attention is held by different things, because individuals have different preferences in entertainment, most forms are recognisable and familiar.storytelling, music, drama, dance, and different kinds of performance exist in all cultures, were supported in royal courts, developed into sophisticated forms and over timy, with appropriate music and dance; to performances intended for thousands; and even for a global audience. Exhibition entertainment (museums, art shows, trade exhibitions ,fairs), Live entertainment (theaters, circus, concert, dancing programs,fireworks etc ), Mass media entertainment industry (Tv, radio, fashion industry, tv& radio broadcasting, web media entertainment, film studios, etc etc you name it!), electronic entertainment (video games, electronic msg contents) , music industry (concerts, orchestra, musicians) .e became available to all citizens. The process has been accelerated in modern times by an entertainment industry which records and sells entertainment products. Entertainment evolves and can be adapted to suit any scale, ranging from an individual who chooses a private entertainment from a now enormous array of pre-recorded products; to a banquet adapted for two; to any size or type of part.

Thank you for dropping by.

Don’t just read blogging tips here, go and implement and if you have any problem contact me.

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